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For those that like alternative web interfaces: I've setup a WikiWikiWeb for photography-related stuff (a WikiWikiWeb is a part of a website where everyone can contribute by adding/editing the contents).

Yashica/Contax Repair

I started a mailing list on the repair of Yashica and Contax cameras.

Contax resources

I'm not into Contax myself (yet), but as there is so much overlap (and the mailing list covers both brands), I've taken over Steve Cary's excellent Contax site. As he more-or-less gave me carte blanche, the pages have been adapted to my site's look-and-feel, but the information is still originally his.

1975: the RTS

1979: the 139Q

1980: the 137MD

1982: the 137MA

1982: the RTS II

1985: the 159MM

1987: the 167MT</TD>

1990: the RTS III

1992: the S2

1992: the S2b

1992: the ST

1994: the RX

1996: the AX

1998: Aria </TD>

List of Zeiss lenses for Contax


Contax SLR features comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

Camera and lens price list

User input regarding Contax/Zeiss</TD> </TR> </TABLE>

I used to be busy building a Contax SLR FAQ, which is posted to monthly. As more people browse the web rather then go to the Usenet for information these days, I'd appreciate it if you would add any information you have on Contax equipment directory to the Contax Equipment section of the photo wiki.

Yashica/Contax SLR mailing list

For Contax and Yashica owners, I run the Yashica/Contax SLR mailing list. This is a place where people can discuss tips and tricks, talk about their equipment and how they use it, etcetera. In order to subscribe, visit the list's page. You will also find the archive over there.

Other Contax links

Other stuff I know of:

<a href=/photo-contax-kyocera>Kyocera</A>
Links to Kyocera sites
<a href=>Tim Roger's homepage</a>
Reviews of Contax bodies.
<a href=>Laszlo Balint's Contax site</a>
Lists only the current stuff. Has a (complete ?) list of Zeiss lenses including pictures. Laszlo also has a <a href=>page dedicated to the AX</A>
<a href=>Zeiss Historica Society</a>
Information on this society
<a href=>Jim Williams G1/G2 Site</a>
A great resource for the G system. </dl>

Please let me know if you have anything to add!  


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Yashica resources

See my <A href=/photo-yashica>Yashica pages</A>