The AX is the world's first camera to use manual focus lenses and move the film plane in order to auto-focus.


TYPE: 35mm focal plane shutter, auto-focus SLR camera
FILM SIZE: 24x36mm
SHUTTER: Electronically controlled, vertical travel focal plane type
SHUTTER SPEEDS: (AUTO) (AV & P) 32 sec. to 1/6000 sec. (TV setting) 4 sec. to 1/4000 sec.
SYNCH CONTACTS: Direct X setting (synchronizing speeds 1/200 sec. or slower, provided with synch terminal
SELF-TIMER: Electronic type with either approx. 10 or 2 sec. delay
SHUTTER RELEASE: Electromagnetic release with exclusive cable switch socket
FOCUSING SYSTEM: SAF (single auto-focus), CAF (Continuous auto-focus), M (manual focus) and MACRO
AUTOFOCUS: TTL phase difference detection, Automatic Back Focusing System, Focus sensing range (ISO 100): EV 2-21
1. Aperture-Priority AE (Av)
2. Shutter-speed-Priority AE (Tv)
3. Program AE (P)
4. Manual Exposure (M)
5. TTL Auto Flash
6. Manual Flash
METERING SYSTEM: TTL center-weighted average metering or spot metering .
FOCUSING SCREEN: Horizontal split-image/Micro-prism (FW-1) standard. Focusing screens are interchangeable.
DISPLAY IN VIEWFINDER: Focusing indicator, Shutter speed, Exposure warning, Aperture, A.B.C. display, Exposure compensation, Metering Indicator, Back Focusing Scale indicator, exposure counter/ Self-timer remaining time, Flash ready .
DISPLAY PANEL: Exposure counter/film speed/self-timer remaining time/ elapsed time on bulb exposure, multiple exposure indicator, custom function display, battery warning signal, Film length indicator, film mark .
FILM LOADING: Automatic loading, automatic film advance to frame No. 1 when the shutter release button is pressed.
FILM ADVANCE: Automatic film advance with built-in motor.
FILM REWINDING: Automatic film rewind with built-in motor, automatic stop after rewinding is completed, mid-roll rewinding possible.
DRIVE MODE: Single-frame, continuous CL (approx. 3 frames per second) or CH (approx. 5 frames per second), approx. 2 or 10 sec. self-timer, multiple exposure.
FILM ADVANCE SPEED: Approx. max. 5 frames per second on continuous CH mode (with fresh battery in normal temperatures, as tested according to testing standards).
FILM COUNTER: Automatic resetting.
ACCESSORY SHOE: Direct X-contact (Coupled with TLA flash)
Selection of AE-lock
Multi-exposure selection
A.B.C. exposure order selection
Depth-of-field preview operation
Rewind with tab remaining out or wound in
Film rewinding mode selection
Turning on of AF supplementary light
Electronic sound when focusing is completed
CAMERA BACK COVER: Opened by the camera back opening lever; detachable.
POWER SOURCE: 1 6V lithium battery (2CR5)
BATTERY CHECK: Automatic check; battery warning indicator in display panel.
BATTERY CAPACITY: About 50 rolls of 36-exposure film (with a new lithium battery, in normal temperatures, as tested according to testing standard).
OTHERS: Depth-of-field preview button, socket for external power source. Data Back D-8 available.
DIMENSIONS: 162 (W) x 123.5 (H) x 72 (D) mm (6-3/8x 4-7/8 x 2-7/8 inches)
WEIGHT: 1,080 grams (38.1 oz) without battery.