The Contax Aria

The new CONTAX ARIA is the smallest , lightest CONTAX SLR ever at 16.2 ounces. It is the perfect camera for wilderness exploration or family outings. This fully- featured, durable, SLR provides advanced photographic capabilities designed for the discriminating yet active photographer.


Type: 35mm Focal Plane Shutter Type, AE SLR
Lens Mount: CONTAX / Yashica Three Claw Bayonet
Shutter: Vertical, Metal, Focal Plane Shutter
Shutter Speed: Auto: 16 Sec to 1/4000 Sec, Manual: 4 Sec to 1/4000 Sec, Bulb
Flash Synch: 1/125 Sec. and Slower
Self-Timer: Quartz Controlled Electronic, 10 Sec. Delay LED Indicator (Blinks Fast 2 Sec. Before Exp.) Exposure Counter Indicates Remaining Time
Shutter Release: Electromagnetic Release and Electronic Cable Switch Socket
Exposure Mode Control: Set By Releasing Mode Lock And Turning Control Pointer To Desired Mode
Exposure Modes: Standard Program Auto Exposure Mode (P)
Shutter Priority Auto Exposure Mode (TV)
Aperture Priority Auto Exposure Mode (AV)
Manual Exposure Mode (M)
Programmed TTL Auto Flash Mode (P-TTL)
Aperture Priority TTL Auto Flash Mode (A-TTL)
Manual Auto Flash Mode (M-TTL)
Manual Flash Mode (M-F)

Metering System: TTL Full Aperture, Center-Weighted, Spot and Evaluative Metering Systems
Metering Cell Type: Silicon Photo Diode (SPD)
Metering Range (ISO 100 f1.4): Center-Weighted EV0 ~ EV20 Spot Metering EV2~ EV20 Evaluative Metering EV2~EV20
Film Speed Range: ISO 25-5000 in DX, 6~6400 Manual
Exposure Compensation: +/- 2EV (1/3 Stop Increments)
Automatic Bracketing Control: +/- 1.0 or 1.0EV in Program and Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority Exposure Modes:
Flash Linked Luminance Control: TTL Direct Light Metering
Flash Synchronization: X Sync Automatically Set At 1/125 Sec. In TTL Mode With Dedicated Flash. Sync At Slower Speeds With AE Lock or Manual Flash Mode PC Socket Supplied (Capable of 300 Volts)
Rear Curtain Flash Capability: Yes, With Rear Curtain Sync Capable TLA Flash
Auto-Set Flash System: Yes, With Five Pin TLA Compatible TTL Flash
Accessory Shoe: 5 Pin TLA Flash System
Finder Type: Fixed Pentaprism, Eye-level With Long Eye-point
Field of View/Magnification: 95%, 0.82X (With 50mm Lens At Infinity)
Eye-Point Length: 25mm (From Outside of Eye-piece Lens)
Eyesight Correction: Range +3d ~ -5d (FL Type Diopters)
Focusing Screen: FU Type Interchangeable Screens (4 Types)
Viewfinder Display: Illuminates For 16 Sec.
Finder Display Information: Aperture Display, Shutter Speed, Exposure Warning Mode Indicator,
Flash Indicator, Exposure Compensation, Exposure Counter, Metering Mode Indicator, Flash Ready / Flash OK

Display Panel: LCD, Illuminates For 16 Sec.
Display Panel Information: Mode Indicator, Film Speed (ISO), Exposure Compensation, Exposure Counter, Count-Down Timer For Self-Timer, Cumulative Time Counter For Bulb Exposures, Film Rewind Indicator, Battery Check, Custom Function Indicator, Drive Mode

Film Loading: Automatic Film Loading (Advances To Frame #1)
Film Wind/Rewind: Auto Advance (3 Fps) / Auto Rewind At Film End
Drive Modes: Single, Continuous, Self-Timer Modes
Winding Speed: Single Or 3 Fps
Film Counter: Automatic Resetting, Cumulative Type Counter To 39 Exposures, Shutter Operates At 1/125 Sec. Until Frame #1, Blank Shot System
Custom Functions: 1. AE Lock Assignment: AE Lock Lever Or Half Press Of Shutter Release
2. Switch Order Of ABC System
3. Leave Leader Out Or In On Rewind
4. Delayed Or Immediate Rewind At Roll End
5. Initiating Film Winding

Camera Back: Detachable, For Installation Of D-9 Multi-Function
Power Supply: 2 Each 3V CR-2 Lithium Batteries
Battery Check: Automatic, Display In External LCD
Depth of Field Preview: Yes
Dimensions 5-7/16 (W) X 3-9/16 (H) X 2-1/16 (D) In.
Weight 460 G (16.2 Oz.)