At the same time that Contax introduced the S2, they introduced the ST, a heartier version of the 167MT and it was called the little brother of the RTS III. The ST has a three frame per second motor drive, ceramic pressure plate, 1/200 second X sync, Automatic Bracketing Control, built-in diopter control and a light which illuminates all information for low light shooting.


TYPE: 35mm SLR featuring Auto/Manual exposure, focal plane shutter.
IMAGE SIZE: 24mm x 36mm.
LENS MOUNT: Contax/Yashica mount. Makes use of MM lens shutter priority.
SHUTTER: Electronically operated vertical-travel metal.
SHUTTER SPEEDS: Auto mode - 1/6000 to 16 sec. TV mode - 1/4000 to 1 sec. Manual mode 1/4000 to 1 sec. And B & X setting.
SELF TIMER: Electronic self-timer with 10 sec. delay.
SHUTTER RELEASE: Electromagnetic release with exposure check function. Additional cable release socket.
1 - Aperture-priority auto exposure. AV)
2 - Shutter-priority with Auto Shift.(TV)
3 - Programmed Auto. (P)
4 - Manual Exposure. (M)
5 - TTL Auto Flash.
6 - Manual TTL Auto Flash
7 - Manual Flash
METERING SYSTEM: TTL SPD center-weighted average metering and Spot metering.
METERING RANGE: EV 0 ~ EV 20 center weighted and EV4~20 spot. With 1.4 lens and 100 ASA film
FILM SPEED RANGE: ISO 25-5000 in DX auto mode. ISO 6-6400 in manual mode.
FLASH SYNCHRONIZATION: X setting at 1/200 or slower. TTL direct flash control possible w/TLA. Second-curtain sync with TLA units that have it.
AE LOCK: Quantity of light is stored in memory.
EXPOSURE COMPENSATION: +2 EV ~ -2 EV click stops in 1/3 steps.
AUTOMATIC BRACKETING CONTROL: 3 Frame continuous exposure control by switchover from +-.5 to +_ 1EV.
VIEWFINDER: Eye-level penta-prism - field shows 95% of picture area. Magnification of .80x
FOCUSING SCREENS: Horizontal split-image micro-prism standard - four available - FW1~FW5
VIEWFINDER DISPLAY: Aperture and shutter speed by LED, under-over warning, LT, metering display, flash ready symbol, exposure compensation + or -. ABC display and film counter.
EXTERNAL DISPLAY PANEL: Exposure counter/film speed, remaining time on self-timer, elapsed time in bulb exposure, drive modes, battery warning mark.
FILM WINDING: Automatic film loading with micro-motor. 3FPS Advancing.
FILM REWIND: Automatic rewinding/stop. Film can be rewound in mid-roll.
EXPOSURE COUNTER: Automatic reset, additive counter.
ACCESSORY SHOE: Direct X contact, and accepts TLA Auto Flash units.
MIRROR LOCK: None provided
POWER SOURCE: 4 1.5v AAA-size batteries or 4 1.2 ni-cad batteries.
BATTERY CHECK: Automatic check; battery warning mark in display panel.
OTHER FEATURES: Diopter adjustment. Eyepiece shutter.
SIZE AND WEIGHT: 151.5mm x 97.5mm x 55mm. 800 grams (28.2 oz.)without battery.