Now and then my brain bursts and sometimes the result is a piece of software, sometimes an article. The latter you can find here. If you want to do something with these articles besides reading, this is hereby granted to you under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Some of the articles are marked 'soapbox'. This is were I'm being opiniative, and please treat it as such.


My Jini newsletters (2000)
For a short time, I wrote's regular Jini newsletter.

Art, Science, Engineering, Craft (August 2000)
A view on software building.

MailSpace (May 2000)
A JavaSpaces based mail agent.

Organic Software (November 1999)
A view on building software.

Educational Freeware (July 1999)
Initial write-up for an open source educational software project.

SGMLtools Editor Whitepaper (August 1998)
Ideas on a collaborative, Xanadu-inspired SGML editor.

More Flexible Formatting with SGMLtools (May 1998)
Article on SGMLtools version 2.0, published in Linux Journal October '98 (?)