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1. Introduction

Welcome to the FAQ. You should read this document before posting to in order to prevent you from embarrassments, such as asking questions that are answered in this FAQ. This version of the FAQ is labelled $Revision: 1.10 $.

This FAQ is available on the World Wide Web, in several formats:

If you have any problems, suggestions, or questions, please contact the maintainer, Cees de Groot.

1.1 I don't have access to the Web

``You're pointing to Websites everywhere, but I don't have access to the WWW.'' Sorry, but I think that you are out of luck. To put it bluntly, I feel that if you can afford to put time and money into photography, you should be able to put time and money into the greatest information resource on photography - the Web. Furthermore, people expect you to have access to the Web, so they will respond irritated if you ask questions on the newsgroup that are one click away from this FAQ.

So do yourself a favour, and get a decent Internet account.

1.2 Acknowledgements

Jean-David Beyer for typing in the quote from Kodak's T-Max datasheet :-). Tom Reed for suggesting the parts on VC paper (and supplying me with the table of filtration values).

1.3 Disclaimer, copyright

I've done everything in my power and limited time to make sure that the information in this FAQ is correct. However, neither I nor any contributors can be held responsible for the results of acting on this information or for any damages resulting from using the information in this document in any way.

Copyright (C)1997 by Cees A. de Groot. This document may be distributed and reproduced without permission provided that it stays intact, including this copyright notice.

(The copyright has my name on it because somebody has to own the copyright; however, I want stress the fact that the actual intellectual ``owner'' of this document is the collective readership of

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