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I took up photography as a serious hobby (darkroom, multiple 35mm bodies, etcetera) in 1996. I love the combination of art and science that photography gives, and I really regret I cannot spend more time on this hobby.


I maintain the Yashica/Contax SLR Digest, a mailing list for Yashica and Contax owners. Of course, a Yashica SLR homepage was in dire need as well :-). Recently, I took over Steve Cary's Contax SLR pages, so you can find them here as well.

Especially Yashica cameras are often too expensive to repair. I therefore have started a new resource on the repair of Yashica/Contax cameras.



Finally, the first batch of images is back. A very first version of my portfolio is on-line now, I hope to make it better very soon.

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