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New: WikiWikiWeb

For those that like alternative web interfaces: I've setup a WikiWikiWeb for photography-related stuff.

Yashica/Contax Repair

More and more mails on the Yashica/Contax SLR list are about repair, especially of Yashica cameras. I've thought long and hard on a repair resource, because I like to hack cameras myself.

I proudly present the Camera Repair List. This list is for the exchange of tips, tricks, techniques in repairing Yashica, Contax, but also other cameras.

In order to subscribe, visit the list's page. You will also find the archive over there.

Camera Repair resources

Of course, there's nothing special about repairing Yashica or Contax cameras. Therefore I'll try to make this place a general site for camera repair as well. If you have links to submit, drop me a mail.

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