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5. And what about accessories?

To be setup. Could probably mention the components of the Yashica Dental system, remote control cords, flashes, teleconverters, extension rings, etcetera. Any information is welcome.

Macro extension rings

I recently acquired a set of macro extension rings, 13mm, 20mm and 27mm for around US$55. Still have to see how my normal primes perform with them. They look well-built and that's all there is to say about extension rings.

FR Winder

Winder that fits all FR bodies. Does 2 frames per second, has a couple of connectors (one looks like an external power connector and one like a remote control connector), and eats 6 AA batteries. A big disadvantage is that your tripod screw location moves way left (as usual with these battery packs). If 2fps is too slow for you, go shop for the Contax RTS motordrive.

With the winder, your FR-I will weigh 1090g (1340g with a 50/1.7) and gets a serious, professional look (people with Nikon F50's and an aftermarket zoom will feel very uneasy with you in the neighbourhood ;-)). It saved me from abandoning the FR-I because I'm a left-eye photographer and thus can't operate the film wind lever and keep composing at the same time. I still should train myself to switch to the right eye, though.

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