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For those that like alternative web interfaces: I've setup a
WikiWikiWeb for photography-related stuff (a WikiWikiWeb is a part of a website where everyone can contribute by adding/editing the contents).

Y/C Repair

I started a
mailing list on the repair of Yashica and Contax cameras.

Yashica SLR FAQ

Back when the WWW wasn't as popular as it is today, I maintained the
Yashica SLR FAQ. However, currently it is more appropriate to add something directly to the Yashica Equipment section of the Photo Wiki.

Resources on the Web

There's a
list in the Yashica SLR FAQ with known resources.

My interest is with the newer, Y/C mount cameras. If you are looking for information in the predecessors, the Yashica TL series, look at Alan R. Corey's site.

Contax logo

Contax resources

See my Contax pages.

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