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The S2 was followed shortly by the S2b, a smoky black sibling with only one difference, other than color, the S2b had a center weighted averaging light meter installed.


TYPE: 35mm SLR manual camera with focal plane shutter.
IMAGE SIZE: 24mm x 36mm.
LENS MOUNT: Contax/Yashica mount. Does not make use of MM lens shutter priority.
SHUTTER: Mechanical focal-plane, vertical-travel metal shutter.
SHUTTER SPEEDS: 1 sec. to 1/4000th and B.
SYNCH TERMINALS: X contact that synchs below 1/250 sec..
SELF TIMER: Mechanical self-timer with 10 sec. delay.
SHUTTER RELEASE: Mechanical with cable release socket.
EXPOSURE CONTROL: Manual with TTL center-weighted metering using SPD (silicon photo diode). EV range 4 to 20 at ASA 100. ASA film range 12 to 6400.
VIEWFINDER: Eye-level penta-prism - field shows 95% of picture area. Magnification of .82x.
FOCUSING SCREENS: Horizontal split-image micro-prism standard.
VIEWFINDER DISPLAY: Set shutter speed and correct shutter sped indication.
FILM ADVANCE: Lever operated with 135 degree wind angle, 30 degree aux.
FILM REWIND: Film rewind crank-handle, and film rewind release button.
EXPOSURE COUNTER: Automatic resetting type. Advances to start when cover opened
MULTIPLE EXPOSURES: Enabled by turning multiple exposure lever.
ACCESSORY SHOE: Direct X contact only.
CAMERA BACK: Opens by pulling film rewind knob all the way out. Provided with film check window.
POWER SOURCE: Two LR44 1.5v alkaline or two SR44 1.55v silver oxide.
BATTERY CHECK: Automatic on pressing the shutter release halfway. Viewfinder LED's slow to indicate low battery, don't light at all with dead battery.
SIZE AND WEIGHT: 134.5mm x 89mm x 51mm. 565 grams without battery.

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