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In 1993, Yashica introduced a camera that preserved the integrity of the Carl Zeiss manual focus lenses and still provided digital focus assist within the camera body. This camera was called the Contax RX. The RX is an integrated motor drive camera, similar in features to both the Contax 167MT and the Contax ST. The RX provides focus assistance by graphically displaying focus information in the viewfinder. The user still retains responsibility to move the lens but the Digital Focus Assist system indicates, not only the point of focus but the depth of focus, as well. The RX also introduces Custom Function features for the first time. These Custom Functions allows the users to customize the way they want to use the camera.


TYPE: 35mm Focal Plane Shutter AE SLR Camera
FILM SIZE: 24 x 36mm
SHUTTER: Electronically controlled, metal Vertical travel Focal Plane Shutter
SHUTTER SPEED: AV (Aperture Preferred); P (Program) 16 sec. 1/4000 sec., TV setting (Shutter Speed Preferred)4 sec. to 1/4000 sec Manual: B,X(1/125 sec ), 4 sec. to 1/4000 sec.
FLASH SYNCHRONIZATON: X setting at 1/125 sec or slower; Direct X setting, synch terminal provided.
SELF TIMER: Electronic type with 10 sec delay
SHUTTER RELEASE: Electromagnetic release with exclusive release socket.
1)Aperture preferred AE (Av)
2) Shutter Speed Preferred AE (Tv)
3) Program AE (P)
4) Manual Exposure (M)
5) TTL Auto Flash
6) Manual Flash
METERING SYSTEM: TTL Center weighted Average Metering & Spot Metering
METERING RANGE:(ISO 100; f/1.4) Center weighted Average Metering EVI-EV20, spot metering EV5-EV20
FILM SPEED SETTING: Automatic with DX coded film of ISO 25-5000 Manual setting ISO 6-6400AE LOCK By Exposure Value on the image plane in memory.
EXPOSURE COMPENSATION: + 2EV to 2EV (in 1/3 EV steps)A B C SYSTEM A B C. Lever 3 frames continuous exposures or single frame advance Exposure range: 0.5EV to +/-1.0EV
COUPLED FLASH SYSTEM: TTL Direct Flash Control w/TLA flash
FLASH COUPLING: Automatic shifting of shutter speed at full charge of the exclusive TLA flash.
AUTO-SET FLASH SYSTEM: Automatic switch on system works with TLA 360
SECOND CURTAIN SYNCHRO: Possible with an exclusive TLA flash which is capable of second curtain synchronization.
FOCUS INDICATOR: TTL Phase Difference Detection on method, Display with Digital Focus Indicator in the finder Focus sensing range (ISO 100) EV 2 -20
VIEW FINDER: Fixed Eye-Level Penta-prism (long eye point) with 95% of field of view 0.8X magnification with 50mm standard lens at infinity & 1D diopter.
DIOPTRIC ADJUSTMENT: Internally adjustable from +1D to -3D
FOCUSING SCREEN Horizontally split image/Micro-prism (FW-1) as standard. Focusing screens are interchangeable.
FINDER DISPLAY: Digital Focus Indicator, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Exposure Mark, A B C display, Exposure compensation, Metering display Flash mark, Film counter
EXTERNAL LCD PANE: Display of Film counter, Film speed, Self-timer count, LT exposure (Bulb)count, Customs function display, Battery warning mark, A B C display, Multi exposure display
FILM LOADING: Auto loading, Automatic film advance to frame No 1 when the shutter release button is pressed
FILM ADVANCE: Automatic film advance with built in motor
FILM REWIND: Automatic film rewind with built-in motor (Film rewind stops when the film is rewound ) Mid-roll rewinding possible
DRIVE MODE: Single Frame continuous exposure, self timer and multi-exposure modes
FILM ADVANCE SPEED: Max 3 frames per second in continuous mode (with fresh battery at normal temperatures )
FILM COUNTER: Automatic resetting, Additive type; display shows LT exposure (Bulb) count, self timer count, A.B.C. display
ACCESSORY SHOE: Direct x-contact (Coupled With TLA flash)
Display of selected mode in the finder (Focus priority mode/Exposure priority mode/No display)
Mode selection at green position
Method selection of AE lock (by half-way pressing of shutter release button/by exposure check button, or no AE Lock setting)
Multi exposure selection
A B C exposure order selection
Depth of field preview operation
Film rewinding mode selection
CAMERA BACK COVER: Opened by the camera back opening lever; Detachable, Data back and film check window are provided.
DATA BACK: Built in Quartz clock (auto calendar), Imprint Year/Month/ Day, Day/Hour/Minute, Month/Day/Year, Day/Month/Year, and No print.
POWER SOURCE: 1 6V Lithium Battery (2CR5), 1 3 V Lithium Battery (CR2025) for Data back.
BATTERY CHECK: Automatic checking system Display on the LCD panel.
OTHERS: Depth of field preview button.
DIMENSIONS: 151(W)x104.5(H)x59mm(D) (6x4-1/8x2-3/8in.)
WEIGHT: 810grams (28.57ozs) without battery.

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