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A gorgeous unused RTS II

The 50th anniversary of the name "Contax" in 1982 brought the new and long awaited successor of the RTS. On first glance the new RTS looked identical; the smooth Porsche design had been left nearly unchanged, and the only clues to recognize the RTS II quickly were the new electronic self-timer with its red LED and the synch. socket on the camera's front. Most changes were made inside the camera; a flash-TTL-control was added, the shutter now was made of titanium blades, but the speed was left nearly the same (RTS: 1/2000 - 15, RTS II: 1/2000 - 16). One interesting improvement was made concerning the featured AE-lock: Unlike the earlier AE-lock in the 139 and 137, now the EV instead of the exposure time was stored. This meant if the AE-lock was activated, the camera's electronics memorized the result of the actual combination of aperture and shutter time. If you changed the aperture AFTER the activation of the AE-lock, the camera changed the exposure time accordingly in order to keep the measured EV constant. Some other detail improvements were the larger field of view (97% vs. 92%), and mechanical exposure time (1/50) in case of battery failure. This is one fine manual focus traditionally styled camera, and many people use it as a main or second camera body.


TYPE: 35mm SLR featuring electronically controlled Auto/Manual exposure, focal plane shutter.
IMAGE SIZE: 24mm x 36mm.
LENS MOUNT: Contax/Yashica mount. Does not make use of MM lens shutter priority.
SHUTTER: Quartz-timed, electronically operated horizontal-travel titanium.
SHUTTER SPEEDS: Auto mode - 1/2000 to 16 sec. Manual mode - 16 settings of X,
1/2000 to 4 sec. and B. With dead battery - 1/50 sec. and B
SYNCH TERMINALS: X contact (1/60th), direct X, and synch terminal.
SELF TIMER: Quartz-timed electronic self-timer with 10 sec. delay. LED on front flashes.
SHUTTER RELEASE: Real Time Electromagnetic Release System, aux. via Release Socket (electronic)
EXPOSURE MODES: Aperture priority automatic exposure and manual exposure
EXPOSURE CONTROL: TTL center-weighted metering at full aperture using SPD (silicon photo diode).
EV range -1 to 19 at ASA 100. ASA film range 12 to 3200.
AUTO FLASH CONTROL: Direct TTL metering automatically coupling with Contax TLA Auto Flash system via an SPD sensor. Synch speed 1/60th sec.
EXPOSURE CHECK BUTTON: Pressing button activates LED display for 16 sec.
EXPOSURE COMPENSATION: +2 EV ~ -2 EV via exposure compensation dial. 1/2 stop clicks
AE LOCK: Lever type
VIEWFINDER: Eye-level penta-prism - field shows 97% of picture area. Magnification of .87x
Has viewfinder eyepiece blind lever.
FOCUSING SCREENS: Micro-prism standard - seven others available - FS1~FS7 & FS41
VIEWFINDER DISPLAY: Aperture display, exposure compensation display, shutter speed display, over-or-under-exposure display (red alpha-numeric LED), TLA flash unit flash/ready signal (green).
FILM ADVANCE: With full stroke of 120 degree setting angle and 20 degree standoff position, or several short strokes. Features film feed indicator and automatic winding capability with motor drive or winder.
FILM REWIND: Film rewind crank-handle with clutch action, and film rewind release button.
EXPOSURE COUNTER: Automatic resetting type. Until counter registers 1, camera will automatically set at shutter speed of 1/60 sec, regardless, to facilitate advancing ease.
MULTIPLE EXPOSURES: Enabled by pressing film rewind release button.
ACCESSORY SHOE: Direct X contact, and accepts TLA Auto Flash units.
CAMERA BACK: Opens by pulling film rewind knob all the way out. Provided with memo holder. Removable.
DEPTH-OF-FIELD PREVIEW BUTTON: Button type with lever that acts as mechanical shutter release.
MIRROR LOCK: Lever operated.
POWER SOURCE: 6.2v silver-oxide battery(544 or PX28), or 6v alkaline-manganese 4LR44. Switched.
BATTERY CHECK: Indicated via steady or pulsating pattern of LED display in the viewfinder.
OTHER FEATURES: Provided with couplings for motor drive and winder, and with LED for Data Back.
SIZE AND WEIGHT: 142mm x 89.5mm x 50mm. 735 grams without battery.

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