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RTS with the "Real Time Winder" installed

The first modern Contax SLR was called Contax RTS for "Real Time System". It was presented at the Photokina 1974 as a result of the cooperation of Carl Zeiss (Dr. Erhard Glatzel), Yashica (Prof. Dr. Katsuiko Sugaya) and F.A. Porsche. Parts of the German press were infuriated because they thought of that product being a sacrilege by bearing a traditional German name. This is the only Contax camera designed by F.A. Porsche, as all others have been designed independently. It is a handsome camera to behold and the input and participation of the Porsche Group is immediately clear when the RTS is used. The RTS is traditional in construction yet the features were at the time on the cutting edge of 35mm photography. It is a wholly electronic camera with aperture preferred and manual exposure modes; bolt on optional five frame per second motor drive with intervolometer or a two frame per second winder. A step-less electronic shutter is used with up to 1/2000 second shutter speed available. The RTS also incorporates exposure compensation. The RTS was designed from the beginning to be an electronic camera and therefore featured some novelties like the LED's displayed in the viewfinder and the innovative electromagnetic shutter release which was so sensitive that it was necessary to place the meter activation into a separate button on the camera's front. (This is one of my favorite features of many of their cameras. When you press the shutter release, it fires! No waiting, no sudden opportunity missed.)


TYPE: 35mm SLR featuring electronically controlled Auto/Manual exposure, focal plane shutter.
IMAGE SIZE: 24mm x 36mm.
LENS MOUNT: Contax/Yashica mount. Does not make use of MM lens shutter priority.
SHUTTER: Electronic focal-plane, horizontal-travel cloth.
SHUTTER SPEEDS: Auto mode - 1/2000 to 4 sec. Manual mode - 14 settings of 4
sec. to 1/2000th and B.
SYNCH TERMINALS: Direct X and synch terminal.
SELF TIMER: Mechanical self-timer with 10 sec. delay.
SHUTTER RELEASE: Real Time Electromagnetic Release System, aux. via Release Socket (electronic)
EXPOSURE MODES: Aperture priority automatic exposure and manual exposure
EXPOSURE CONTROL: TTL center-weighted metering at full aperture using SPD (silicon photo diode).
EV range -1 to 19 at ASA 100. ASA film range 12 to 3200.
AUTO FLASH CONTROL: None. Synch speed 1/60th sec.
EXPOSURE CHECK BUTTON: Pressing front button activates LED display for 16 sec.
EXPOSURE COMPENSATION: +2 EV ~ -2 EV via exposure compensation dial. 1/2 stop clicks using unusual system of x4 to x1/4. X4 means "times 4" or 2 stops.
VIEWFINDER: Eye-level penta-prism - field shows 92% of picture area. Magnification of .87x
FOCUSING SCREENS: Micro-prism standard - six others available.
VIEWFINDER DISPLAY: 16 LED shutter speed display shows speeds. Green shutter speed pointer overlaps "A" setting on Auto and indicates shutter setting on manual. Aperture display shows max. aperture of the lens in use on extreme right and f-stop in use in green figure. Exposure compensation tab appears when the exposure compensation pointer is set at any position except X1.
FILM ADVANCE: With full stroke of 140 degree setting angle, or several short strokes. Features film feed indicator and automatic winding capability with motor drive or winder.
FILM REWIND: Film rewind crank-handle with clutch action, and film rewind release button.
EXPOSURE COUNTER: Automatic resetting type. Advances to start when cover opened
MULTIPLE EXPOSURES: Depression of the film rewind button on bottom.
ACCESSORY SHOE: Direct X contact only.
CAMERA BACK: Opens by pulling film rewind knob all the way out. Provided with memo holder. Removable.
MIRROR LOCK: Lever operated.
POWER SOURCE: 6.2v silver-oxide battery(544 or PX28), or 6v alkaline-manganese 4LR44. Switched.
BATTERY CHECK: Indicated via steady or pulsating pattern of LED display in the viewfinder.
OTHER FEATURES: Provided with couplings for motor drive and winder, and with LED for Data Back.
SIZE AND WEIGHT: 142mm x 89.5mm x 50mm. 700 grams without battery.

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