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Contax, at the moment, does not offer an upgrade path for all those out there that have invested heavily in the superb Zeiss glass. However, there is a way out:Canon's FD mount is 'shorter' (closer to the film) than the Y/C mount, which means that an adapter can be fabricated to mount Y/C lenses on FD bodies. The good news is that these adapters exist, and as far as I can tell this should allow you to couple superb Zeiss glass to superb Canon DSLR bodies!

Michiel Niessen, on hearing this from me, did some research and came up with the following:

  1. Camera Quest supplies adapters for EOS bodies for lots of lenses, among them for Y/C at US$175;
  2. Bob Shell produces similar adapters to order for US$150. Michiel says that he read some negative comments on web fora on this business, among which one customer who allegedly paid but never got the adapter. YMMV
In any case, 150-175 dollar looks like a small investment for being able to use your priceless Zeis glass on modern digital bodies, and as long as Contax doesn't come up with something themselves, the Canon DSLR equipment looks like a good host for Y/C glass.

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