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Flash Units and accessories for flash:

TLA20 small TTL flash with 2 level output selection.

TLA30 medium size TTL flash unit with output selection and a rotating head. Provided a cable socket on the side.

TLA280 pro flash

TLA360 pro flash with LCD panel, 5 pins to receive film speed, lens opening and other data from the camera. (AX and RX bodies only, works normal with other bodies)

RTF540 - Real Time Flash - grip type

TLA extension cord 100 - 1 meter in length and connects to hot-shoe of flash and camera.

TLA extension cord 100S - 1 meter in length and connects to hot-shoe of camera and side port of TLA flash or to the TLA Multi-connector S.

TLA extension cord 100SS and 300SS - 1 and 3 meters long - extends the 100S cords or connects flash units to the TLA Multi-connector S.

TLA extension cord S - Accessory for the TLA-20 and TLA-140 flashes, so they can be used in multi-flash applications with Multi-connector S.

TLA Attachment Adapter - Allows attachment of a flash to a tripod and requires an extension cable.

Motor Drives for the manual wind cameras:

Professional Motor Drive - fits RTS and RTS II - offers 5fps. This is a huge unit with an interval timer, frame selector, vertical release and uses 12 AA cells! The battery compartment can be removed and carried in a pocket with a cable.

Real Time Winder - fits RTS and RTS II - provides automatic film advance with manual rewinding and a power switch with OFF/C/S selection. Uses 6 AA batteries.

Real Time Winder W-3 - Fits RTS and RTS II. Offers 3fps, and a second handgrip with additional release button and OFF/S/C selector. Uses 6 AA batteries.

139 Winder II for the 139Q.

159 Winder W-7 fits the 159MM and provides a pro grip up front with a shutter button and control switch for choosing OFF/C/S selection, a vertical grip shutter button, a test LED and is covered in rubber grip surfaces. Uses 6 AA batteries.

Data Backs:

250 Film Back - fits RTS and Yashica FR-1. Takes up to 10 meters of 35mm film for 250 exposures and must be used with the Professional Motor Drive for power. Has a special loading device.

Data Back RTS - first data back, fits RTS only.

Data Back 139 - for the 139Q, naturally.

Data Back D-4 - fits RTS II and provides date and time on film.

Data Back D-5 - Quartz back for 137MA or MD.

Data Back 137 - Made for the 137MD, will fit 137MA.

Data Back D-6 - Quartz back for the 159MM.

Data Back D-7 - fits 167MT and ST and provides date and time, 10 character printing, interval function, and long exposures.

Data Back D-8 - fits AX. Can print exposure data as well as usual time/date.

Remote Shutter Releases:

Remote Cable L-30/L-100/L-300/L-3000 - 30 cm, 1-3-10 meters. Provides a button and a hold-down slide switch.

Remote Cable S - provides a round thumb-type button release.

Infra-red controller S

Radio Controller set

Power Packs/Battery Holders:

Power Pack P-3 for the RTS and RTS II

137 Power Pack set for the 137MA/MD

Battery Holder P-5 for the 167MT

Battery Holder P-7 for the ST

Power Pack P-6 for the P-5 and P-7 holders

Power Pack P-8 for the AX and RX

Focus Screens:

??1~4 for the RTS

FS1~5 for the RTSII

FT2~6 for the 159MM

FU3~6 for the 167MT, S2, and S2b

FV1~5 for the RTSIII

FW1~5 for the RX, ST and AX

Macro and close-up system:

Auto Bellows PC

Focusing rail for bellows

Slide copy adapter for bellows

Macro stand for bellows

Stage glass in various colors for macro stand

Microscope Adapter F (Yashica)


Lens hoods, filters, adapter rings, etc. - too many to mention!

Extension tube 7.5mm - for close focusing.

Auto Extension Tube Set - set of 13,20 and 27mm tubes for close focusing.

55mm reverse ring - for mounting 55mm lenses backward for macro photography.

Hasselblad adapter ring - for mounting Hassy lenses on your Contax camera.

137 Grip Adapter for the 137MA/MD

Flex Case C-1 for the RTSIII

Flex Case C-3 for the AX, S2

Flex Case C-4 for the RX

Right-angle Finder N

Magnifier F-2N

Luminar Adapter for using special Zeiss Luminar-loupe-lenses on the bellows or camera body.

The "Blimp" - a special camera handling bag with openings for hands and lens. For use in harsh weather or for reducing noise level.

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