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26: Home

After a shower, I make for the crowded breakfast room. There's a buffet again, and to finish my vacation in style I fill my plate with the usual full breakfast stuff (of course, this being a Danish ship, no black pudding ;-)). Some coffee, fruit juice, and strawberry yoghurt wash it all down and in 15 minutes I'm out again. As I know that there won't be a hurry (I'm the first bike in so have to wait for all the others to leave) I pack my stuff in the hut and then go on deck to witness the arrival at the IJmuiden passenger terminal. I don't understand how they manage to dock such a large ship so easily, but they manage, and before long I'm on my way down to the bike.

This is the first time it was on its sidestand after the lowsiders, and I discover some oil on the floor - not an awful lot, but enough to make sure that I will have some more repair work to do after arriving at home. The weather is too hot for decent bike riding, and the highway from IJmuiden to my village is too boring to describe. Avoiding the speed camera's, I speed home and arrive there in 1.5 hours.
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