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I bought this machine in May 2004 for 1900 euros at Jensen Motorrijwielen in Nijmegen. This is a shop that specializes in second-hand BMW's - the fact that they apparently love BMW, that I didn't know (and still don't know) a lot about these bikes, and that the price was right prompted me to buy it.

Luckily, they had no problem with leaving the bike in their shop until I had my license - I wouldn't know what I'd done with the bike in my garage ;-). Of course, the first call I made when the official said I passed the final test was to call them to say I would come and fetch it two days later (the 'one day later' being reserved for getting all the paperwork sorted out).

I rode 200km that day, of course a bit uncertain in handling in the beginning, but soon enough we got to know each other well enough that I would dare to put a bit of speed on. Exhausted, I parked the motorcycle in the garage and planned my first trip

Riding a police white Beemer in a country where the police mostly rides police white Beemers is great fun! On the highway, most cagers move to the right lane when I appear in their rear view mirror...

Since this picture, I fitted a 23.5" high Parabellum screen on it, and on top of that a Laminar Lip. The result is excellent - no buffeting, and as long as it's dry I can keep my helmet visor open at all speeds. The Lip works wonders in lifting up the airstream so you end up with a screen you can look over but still have a quiet ride on the RT. Expensive combo but recommended!

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