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The R1100RT is a dream to ride, but wrenching ain't a lot of fun (look at all the tupperware you need to remove...). So I decided to look around for something to make my hands dirty, leaving the RT to the care of a trained BMW mechanic.

The CB750F2 exactly fit my needs - a bike that is a bit special (most of the CB750's are the 'K' type bikes, setup for touring), mechanically very simple (I mean, a 4-in-line with single overhead cam and air cooling, only an Airhead is simpler), a community that can help me out and fun to ride. Ok, the latter two are hearsay, but there are "SOHC" clubs all over the place and the specs look good enough (0-100km/h in around 4 seconds and a top speed close to 200km/h - some people with modern sport bikes are bound to get a surprise...).

The biggest decision: keep it in the current Honda racing colors or make it a rat racer. There is this can of matte-black heat resistant paint on my shelves, that and a can of Hammerite would all it would take to protect all the bits and pieces against the weather... Decisions, decisions...

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